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What has smoking, using the phone in the car and selling have in common?

They’re all (perceived?) now as ‘social diseases ‘!!
I have no comment to make about cigarettes and not using the hands-free but I can make reference to the third category.
I believe selling is an outmoded way of promoting services and products. So many people today are too impatient when it comes to business development. It can often be …’here it is this is what it does, do you want it or not?!’
Slow down , build the relationships first. Ask searching questions to establish needs and if you think you can HELP +ADD VALUE then, and only then offer your wares. If there isn’t full enthusiasm ask questions like, “What would need to happen for you to move forward (or change your mind)?
“NO” often means ‘not yet’…but aim to establish this. Ask permisssion to contact again and then do so when you have an agreement.
Maybe, at the end of the day, we can take ‘selling’ off the list of social diseases?

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