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What do you do?

This question is asked every time we attend an event (business and social). And you know what? People are only superficially interested in your answer. What they really want to know is, “can this person be of any use to me?”
The answers I sometimes hear people give makes me think they must hate their career or job.
I have just worked with a law firm and we role played the question. She pretended to be someone alone at an event and I approached and asked the question.
This sparky young lawyer said, “I’m a lawyer…but please don’t walk off!”
It was funny, made me and the other delegates laugh. Lawyers and accountants seem to have a problem answering that question with any degree of enthusiasm whatsoever.
Are they ashamed of what they do? I don’t think so. It’s just that the PR about their professions has got to them!
So what’s the answer to this problem? Try
“What I am is a lawyer but what I do is help my clients when…..

When the accountant says, “I help my clients grow their busines or save tax” the picture you paint in your mind at that instance changes very quickly from grey to colour!

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