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What Are We Afraid Of?

Most people fear walking into a room full of strangers and that is the reason the vast majority of people will avoid attending business events at all costs
To analyse the reasons why we feel pressure or anxiety about failure, we have to understand that it is the fear of failure that hurts far more than the failure itself. Actually, it is the fear of not being sure what will happen.
“There will be so many strangers there, all looking at me”
“What am I going to say?”
“Am I going to be included?”
Most of us can learn to accept and deal with the worst if we really know what’s coming. We may not like it or look forward to it, but we can handle it.The very worst that’s going to happen is there will be atiny majority of rude people who will not see you as’importasnt’ enough to chat with. They look over their shoulder and give all the signs they want to move on. When you see that, excuse yourself politely and don’t give them a secod thought. They are rude, ignorant and not worthy of your time.
Not knowing is a different story. It creates anxiety, vacillation and a very gut level desire to escape the whole problem. Each of us is different in the things we fear, and to analyse the reasons we are pressured by the fear of failure we have to find out what kinds of failure bother us. When we walk into a room full of strangers you will never see more than 6 formats of people.
Look here for the answer. So, now you know; there should be no need to worry about the unknown. Join the person on their own and open-formatted groups. When you don’t know anyone in the closed groups- stay away. Their body language says “we’re very comfortable at the moment, thanks.”

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