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What a great networking day. This is what happened.

7 AM
The Manchester Business Breakfast Club

I’ve been attending for over 7 years now and still love every minute of it. The people around the breakfast table are, on the whole, people I know, like and trust. I introduced a guest who I think enjoyed it He is a business development manager from Davenham Asset Finance. He has a good attitude to networking and if he joins will bring more contacts to our members.

Meeting Helen from Capture 1 Video at a One-to-One meeting
. When you attend breakfast events the way you’re really going to find out about other member’s businesses is to sit down quietly on a 1-2-1 basis. I am Helen’s busines coach but the more I advise on the nmore I learn myself!! We both have a challenge finalising our products so we have agreed a date we will BOTH have them ready by.

Meeting with Warren Cass

Warren reminded me when I finrst met him I told him he had a lot to learn about networking. I inly told him that because he had asked me “How am I doing?” So, me being me…told him. Yesterday he was gracious enough to say I had helped him so much after he had attended one of our workshops.In fact he invited me to be part of his very exciting new venture Business Scene.This is an online and face -to-face networking community but based on local areas. A brilliant concept which I hope to help with

Entreprenuer Networking Club at RBS Spinningfields Manchester

What a party. Our hosts held it on their rooftop garden in degrees of heat seen in Athens in August. I made one good contact ..that was all I need to justify my time at events like that. The best bit though was meeting Jill, a networking ‘virgin’ who was scared stiff. So I took her under my wing and explained how it all worked. Being a bright and sparky lady she picked it all up very quickly. The moment I loved most was when she spotted someone else who seemed equally nervous.So Jill decided she needed some support too and went over.
In fact this other lady was one of the hosts and was standing on her own for a breather! Jill approached her, got talking and it is likely she is going to get a ton of work from this host.
The host was a member of RBS who looks after various catering arrangements and Jill is a caterer. They are meeting next week.
A perfect networking story

Networking / partying…what’s the difference?

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