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This is a reward for the work we do

It is an email just recieved from a senior bank manager showing how to work a room in a professional manner does produce results…AND BIG ONES AT THAT!

“From the presentation In Carlisle, the day after I was chairman for a financial day for the Scottish Enterprise board in Galashiels in the Borders, which was perfect opportunity to try out the tips from the presentation.

I picked up the point of when entering a room to talk to some one who is on their own. I did this at lunch time and from the conversation got a lead which resulted, some 2 months later, in transfer of a new member to CB, £ 1.1m of asset finance and £ 160k of other facilities with a wealth report presently being done for the directors. So I must have carried out listened at level 1 at the presentation from Sue and the training worked !!”

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