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The future of networking?

It’s now nearly a year since we have had to network and present online. I fear we are going to continue the same way for the rest of this year and maybe beyond. At the start we were all prepared to accept “second best” as we thought it was just temporary. But now, the online way of working is here for the longer term, so second best will no longer do. We all need to be “at the top of our game” online as clients and general connections now expect a professional and first-class approach to online networking and presentations.

We were all forgiven In the Spring for making errors and blunders when we thought it was all going to blow over. But now the reality of the situation has now sunk in, our network is going to expect our online communications to be as top class as it was before Covid appeared. 

This is where my LIVE online networking workshops could be the perfect opportunity to help support you & your business to thrive in 2021…

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