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Social distancing is a nonsense, yes it really is. Why? Part 2.

So how do you answer the “What do YOU do?” question…

Answer with a verb, not a noun

Here are some examples

  • I support companies like yours when……
  • I advise businesses like yours to……
  • I show my clients how to…..
  • I develop peoples’ networking skills (that’s me)

Many people start with the word ‘help’. I hear it so often I have decided I don’t like it; it’s too bland. Maybe try one of the 4 verbs I have just used

Always think support, advice and add value – not sell… it will make networking far more comfortable…
It is to say kind words, share your knowledge and always think what’s in it for them.

Here are 2 sets of questions to consider:

Helping others

Is there anyone you would like an introduction to?
What particular type of person/business would be a good referral for you?
I know someone who (a) can help you with…. (b) knows about…. (c) may be interested in…
Why don’t I make the introduction?

Helping ourselves

When others know, like and trust what you do and you ask for help often they want to help when they can. Life’s tough make it a bit easier for yourself by asking these questions:

Who do you know who (a) knows about, (b) works at, (c) can tell me about, (d) is looking for a job in, (e) supplies, (f) owns, (g) sells, (h) might want to buy, (i) is looking to work in?
Please can you help me?
Please can you give me some advice about…..?
If you were me, how would you go about…..?

Wishing you a successful week ahead. 

Will Kintish

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