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Sam Walton may be dead but….

Sam Walton, co-founder of the Wal-Mart, had a simple view. You should listen to everyone in the organisation and figure out ways to get them talking. You tell your staff everything because the more they know about the business, the more they will care: the more they care the more they will act as if they care and the more successful the organisation will be.

Sam Walton may be dead but his spirit lives on in the largest retailer the world has ever known.

Internal communication is about far more than just channels and messages. It is about defining and reinforcing the values of the organisation. The difference between organisations that perform outstandingly and those that do not is very often to do with their ability to utilise the full potential of their staff. Staff who feel respected, valued, empowered and supported are far more likely to work harder, be more loyal, take personal responsibility for the success of the firm and take initiative to make things work better.

Tesco’s approach echoes that of Sam Walton. In Sir Terry Leahy’s words “Our aim is to install a culture where everyone’s first thought is to take responsibility rather than cover their back, where we want everyone to be leaders.”

Shareing is the key. The more you tell and show people the more they want to be part of your company.

No-one should work “for” anyone, only “with”…

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