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Party Tricks

I attended an Institute of Directors breakfast meeting today…but for once didn’t really want to go. Well, I did get home from a presentation after midnight!

But I’m really glad I did? Why
1. I was able to tell Damian about using for cheap international calls
2. I introduced John to
3. I learn about RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification for you non-teccies out there). This was from a fascinating presentation from Mike Ryan of Idaho who spoke on “Business in 2010-Where is technology taking us?”

Answer? To places we wouldn’t have dreamt of even 5 years ago.

And then I chatted to David from Greystone who used a phrase ‘Party Tricks’ It got me thinking that’s what we do in our business…we show people part triacks when they go networking. Thanks David, a useful conversation

1 thought on “Party Tricks”

  1. I know Mike at Idaho very well. Truly one of the regions leading lights when it comes to “futurology”. His company does remarkable work, very good on geo mapping, and his business is immaculately run.

    Very, VERY skilled people.

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