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“New Mums should return to work in 3 weeks!”

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These are not my words…I read an article in a Sunday paper supplement.  It read “business is about profit – sustainable growth and innovation”.  I co-run the Working Mothers in Business Group and from my experience of running this Group and being a working mum myself, most women do not want to be stay at home mums they want to make a real difference to their work and personal life…it’s all about striking a balance between the two.  We have to remember that women and men should have the choice to return to work after 3 weeks or 52 weeks and by looking after your staff and giving them that choice, it will pay dividends to your business in the long-term.  Women contribute so much to industry, however they may not have the resources – either financial or personal to return to work very early on after having their child.  The Government plans to reform the maternity and paternity laws, they should think deep and hard about these reforms because the UK economy could potentially lose out.  This is a controversial subject and the debate will no doubt linger on – do you have any thoughts?

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