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Networking…forward to basics

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Networking is simply building relationships .It is the first step in possibly doing
business sometime later.
To be a confident networker you don’t need to be an extrovert you need to have good self-esteem and feel good about yourself. Walk into that room believing you’re as good as everyone else there. Maybe not a wealthy, not as experienced or even as beautiful but you are there to give. The first principle of networking is giving. To give of yourself is the key to this activity. Spend more time being interested rather than interesting and listening carefully for potential and future opportunities.
When you spot a potential opportunity to build on a relationship or offer to help it is your duty to move the relationship forward
This is an opportunity to help and add value and not to sell .You probably don’t like selling and that is the reason you may leave many events with nothing …but a hangover!
When someone says they are not happy with their existing advisor or supplier or they need advice or product where they don’t know anyone at that moment here is your opportunity to offer your HELP. The objective is, in the longer run, is for your client to gain more from the transaction than you, i.e. add value.
When I present to a company or audience on various aspects of networking skills I expect the extra work they will ultimately gain as a result of my knowledge will be a large multiple of my fee.
Think like that and you will find business development more comforting. Yes, it’s your business you’re developing but also your clients too.

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