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Networking on New Year’s Eve

Did you attend an event where most of the people were strangers? I did…I didn’t even know my hosts! No,I wasn’t gate-crashing.I and my wife stayed with relations, they were invited, we tagged along…after an invitation.

Socialising -v- business
I can talk to anyone,any time, anywhere but I must say it’s so much easier attending a business event where I don’t know people.There, everyone starts off on the same platform, i.e. looking to spot their ‘ahaa moments’.Everyone is in business and most people are nervous.
Now don’t get me wrong I had a great time on December 31st but after the ‘What do you do?’ and how long have you lived here ( They were all ex-pats) it got harder. It got even harder when I realised everyone had retired but me and they were all members of the same social network. Everyone was very welcoming and we had a great laugh but I did have to work hard at having a nice time with these strangers.
Good to be out of my comfort zone for a change!

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