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Networking and PR – a combination that sparks

Manchester PR Rob Baker of Artisan.

PR in its own right is a powerful tool to raise and enhance the reputation of businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage.

Its versatility and reach are often not appreciated even by those that have some knowledge and admiration for what it can deliver.

It is more than a media relations tool for hard copy media (such as newspapers and trade press) although this can be valuable in its own right.

It can develop a company’s online profile through placing coverage on key industry portals, blogs, building Google for key search terms and most often overlooked: a creator of links – a strong driver in moving up the search engine rankings.

But having put a brief case for PR, it must be stressed that it has more to offer if combined well with complementary marketing activities.

Seasoned marketing professionals and those with a good knowledge of communications will know that utilising a selection of marketing tools is far more effective than relying on one in the majority of cases.

Let me give an example: I gained quite a lot of coverage in care home magazines about capital allowance changes.

The tax accountant happened to be at a social gathering and a long-standing acquaintance came over and said Mark, “I didn’t know that you were in accountancy and I didn’t know about the tax changes. I have a new care home opening and I could do with your advice.” Not exactly a business setting but it illustrates how a little profile can work very well in combination with PR.

Another example involves an interior designer who achieved a full page in a Manchester business publication. Networking the next night (after publication) she bumped into a property developer.

There was no need to persuade the developer of her credentials, it had already been done and the rapport was much easier to generate.

With both cases business resulted because the subject of the PR was pushing themselves a little further by using other ways to raise profile, in this case networking.

Marketing channels often add up to more than the some of their individual parts.

And with that in mind networking can enhance a professional’s and business’ marketing, adding the conclusion to the groundwork laid down by PR.

Rob is a Manchester based PR professional and can be contacted on 07957611834 or

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