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Meet Gihan Perera

Meet my friend Gihan Perera
Every week I get his newsletter on web-based marketing in particular and practical, low cost marketing in general. It is outstanding.
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Here is part of this week’s message from his newsletter

Don’t focus on your client’s needs and wants.
Most business consultants will advise you to focus on your clients’ requirements. In one sense, they are right – you will certainly get better results by concentrating on the benefits you offer them, not just the features of your products and services.
However, you can get even more leverage by finding out about their clients’ requirements. In other words, make their job easier in serving their clients.
I’ll give you an example.
There are three types of Web designers:
1. A bad Web designer builds a Web site that they like themselves.
2. A good Web designer builds a Web site that their client likes.
3. The best Web designer builds a Web site that the Web site visitors like.
A smart client will say to her Web designer, “It doesn’t really matter whether I like it or not. If my Web site visitors like it, that’s what matters most.”
It works both ways.
If you’re working with a supplier, brief them on what you’re doing for your clients, so that they can help you achieve it.
And if you’re a supplier, ask your clients what they are doing for their clients, and deliver your service with that in mind.
Here are his full details
First Step Communications Pty Ltd
PO Box 257, Coolangatta Q 4225, Australia
Phone: (+61) 07 5599 3133, Fax: (+61) 07 5599 3433

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