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Like ducks on a pond

This is such a pleasant time of year. Telephones aren’t ringing, appointment calendars have gaps and there is time to reflect and enjoy life. It’s so easy to coast through these lazy Summer weeks, letting time pass until things perk up. Why rush?
But under the surface, things are happening. It’s a question of realizing at what level. Many companies and organizations use this time to plan and prepare for the coming season. Leaders are busy, using this time of year to plan ahead.

Managers and executives are already busy solidifying options for the balance of the year. They have the time and are open to new ideas. These important people are even more receptive to your suggestions during this period.

This week’s tip:
Different networks have differing cycles. Synchronizing your activities with the needs of your different networks allows you to stay ahead of the relationship curve to supply value and deliver services when they have the most impact.
So who should you contact this week to ask about Fall product or service needs?

The above came from Michael J Hughes a Canadian networking guru. Well worth subscribing for his great newsletter

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