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Kintish interferring

My son-in-law has just been promoted to manager. As an interferring father-in-law this is an email I have just sent to him

Fantastic news. Well done.
Here is one or two tips to consider as a manager.
1 These people can and hopefully will make money for you. BUT don’t forget they are volunteers and can walk out on you any time!
2 Appreciation is the key. A “thank you, that was great” is the best motivator in the world. Far better than any pay rise
3 If they do it wrong sit them down quietly away from everyone and ask ,”If you could do that again, what would you do differently?”
4 Don’t criticise, condemn or complain. It is a total lose-lose.
5 Regularly have one-to-ones with your team and ask them
1. how they are getting on.
2. what they like about working there,
3. what irriates them
4. if there is one thing they’d like you to do differently what would it be
5. what training they would like to help them with their career.

Never cancel meetings like those and never have any interuptions.
Hope you don’t mind me putting my oar in!!
Again, well done

1 thought on “Kintish interferring”

  1. I agree Will – so we look forward to seeing you at more PSA NW Chapter meetings in 2007 – as these are probably the most important meetings you have with your colleagues…

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