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Kintish doing it right + doing it wrong

I attended an excellent presentation by Sandy Lindsay of Tangerine PR organised by Pro Manchester.I did 2 things badly
1 I didn’t get a list of attendees before the presentation. I should have called the day before but even on the day I forgot. I know I missed some opportunities as there were some target names I eventually found out
2 I left immediately after the presentation giving me no time to do some serious networking. I only left because I was presenting right afterwards

However I did do 2 things right
1 I got there early. I wasn’t quite sure where the venue was but even after struggling to find the front door for quite a while I was still in plenty of time
2 I played host when I saw a number of ‘Billy and Betty Nomates’ on their own. I ensured no-one was on their own even though I was just a member of the audience.

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