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Kintish did some good networking.

I recently attended an IoD breakfast to listen to a fascinating speaker called Giles Long. More about Giles here. In fact the truth of the matter was I never actually went listen to the speaker, I rarely do.
I go to network. So as we say on our seminars get there early and try and dawdle at the end. Often the speaker just interrupts the main purpose for being there. That’s my thinking anyway. Hearing a good speaker, as I did on this occasion, was a bonus!
I met a person on his own…the speaker…early on so got to know him a little. I got chatting with a few people I didn’t know and without being rude brought in others to the group who were on their own. You become very popular when you think’ host’ and not guest.
I only approached ‘open’ groups and met a lady which could be the start of a mutually beneficial business relationship.
I reconnected with Jack and we are following up.
I was even able to interest 2 people in joining the Professional Speakers Association of which I am national treasurer.
A well-spent 2 hours I felt

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