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It’s time to sack some clients and customers

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When a client or customer contacts you, you generally have one of two reactions, “Oh good!” or “Oh god!”
If the latter occurs think how life would be without that person. Bliss perhaps?

The issue here is most professionals won’t get rid of clients because of insecuirty and lack of self-confidence.
Many people tell they have little time to go out networking. I say it’s because you’re spending too much time with BMW’s

No, not the posh cars which come out of Germany but

Get rid of them, they cause you nothing but stress. They take take take and generally it’s advantage they take most.
Is there mutual trust?
Is there mutual respect?
Is there mutual liking?
Do these clients recommend others?
What do we earn from these clients?
What more can we earn from these clients?
Are these clients BMWs?
Do we recover good time charge rates?
Do they pay?

Part of your marketing should include ACTING ONLY FOR CLIENTS YOU DESERVE.
Go on chose one client and send them “I think it’s time for you to find someone else” letter.
You’ll feel wonderful.
I have a measurement chart for you to assess whether they’re worth keeping. Ask me for it.

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