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“It’s official. You can now talk to strangers.”

When we were young everyone is given this advice. But just now I watched a TV programme where police were asking young children under what circumstances was it acceptable to talk to strangers.
Little Johnny said ,”Please miss, when you need help and the person is doing a job, sometimes in a uniform and in a building” PC Mary said “Absolutely right Johnny, well done.”
A lesson for us adults. When we attend business events, we are looking for help (i.e. new business)in a building ( normally),everyone is doing a job ( otherwise they probably wouldn’t be there)and they are in a uniform (suited and booted or ‘smart casual’).
So there you go. When you walk into that room full of strangers make the first move and approach either someone on their own or an open-formatted group and ask, “Please may I join you?”

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