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It’s Christmas time…time for socialising, time for networking

Either way you are going to meet strangers, you know those funny people your mummy told you not to talk to when you were very young

But you’re now grown up. here are some thoughts before you enter the arena

1 99% of people are nervous. If you’re not you, are abnormal!
2 Expect nearly everyone to be welcoming and polite. There will be the odd rude person. Don’t focus on them, put your energies into the majority of pleasant people.
3 You are as good as everyone else in that room. You might not be as rich, as beautiful or have an important job title.
4 Networking i.e. building relationships is about giving first. Give of yourself, pay attention to what others are saying and you’ll become popular quickly and create a great impression.
5 Be brave…approach strangers and say, “Please can I join you?” or ” may I introduce myself?” You won’t be rejected…honest!

Time to go into the arena

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