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It was a hot steamy evening and the last thing I…

…wanted to do was go my Professional Association Speakers local meeting. But as a committee member i felt it my duty.
And am I glad I went. I heard Paul Mcgee talk about the publication of his best selling book S.U.M.O. (Shut up and Move On!). As one who wishes to find a publisher it was invaluable.

I listened to Anthony Day also talk about publishing and he gave me a great idea. It was to ask friends and family to read a chapter each of my book and review it.
Then I heard Nigel Percy, who I had never met before, talking about “We 3 Kings”. The ‘Kings’ were Henry V, Martin Luther King and Elvis! How did he link them? Simply by expaining in an entertaining manner how each of them became an icon simply through the passion they engendered.
What a great evening.
I keep saying and I’ll keep saying

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