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Is your focus in the right place?

Most businesses focus on getting new clients.Yesterday I ran a workshop entitled “Clients…do we really care?”
Well do you?
It has to be easier and so much cheaper looking after the clients and customers you have. That way they become your free sales force.
Ask you staff, ask yourself “Who pays your wages?”. You surely know the answers. Get the teasm together and ask them 3 questions

1. What key things regularly go wrong?

2. What would they change to improve client care

3. What barriers are put in their way in giving great service
If you’re a senior member please bear in mind you don’t have a monolopy on all the good ideas. Maybe the office junior has a great idea how to give better service. Just ask him…or her

1 thought on “Is your focus in the right place?”

  1. Will

    Just a couple of thoughts to share with you.

    We took our search engine marketing team out yesterday and had some really nice lunch in a cafe that supported internet access. While we ate we chatted. A bit about our award, a bit about how we are working and what we find effective, abit if football of course and a bit about how we can work smarter.

    After that, we all left with a much greater understanding of each others clients and a great understanding of how we can be much more efficient. We also specified in depth an online tool that will support what we do. I was then chatting on line with my rather enthusiastic team till well after midnight.

    So we see the benefit, the customers will certainly see the benefit and all it cost was a little time and a lunch. Treat your people well and treat customers well and the revenues will follow

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