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I’m vulnerable too.

I spend most days helping people overcome their fears and concerns with networking.
In theory I ought to be able to walk into that room, see the sea of strange faces and have no misgivings or feelings of disquiet. But guess what?
In spite of knowing every else feels nervous, virtually everyone will be welcoming, polite and courteous and how to be behave with perfect etiquette I too walk in that room thinking “Will I be judged and found wanting?” “Will every turn their back on me?”

Think back to day 1 at school!
The feeling lasts moments but this posting is to tell the world I am normal. I hate rejection and bleed when I am cut.

2 thoughts on “I’m vulnerable too.”

  1. Thank you Jeremy. My aim in life is to get as many people as possible talking to each other. Just think if the world was more friendly they’d be so much less sufferrings
    Best Wishes

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