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“I’m not insulting you, but what you have given me is a BAG OF CONFIDENCE TRICKS”

That’s what a senior lawyer said at the end of one of my networking skills training this week.My first reaction was, ‘Perhaps my delegate is insulting me’. Before getting too upset I stopped to reflect.I went to Wikiperdia to get a definition firstly.
Wikipedia defines a confidence trick as
A confidence trick is an attempt to swindle a person or persons which involves gaining his or her confidence.”
Cofidence is one of the key traits we need to succeed. When we’re not confident we tend to shy away from doing what is required so we spend our time in our comfort zone…the place where there are NO OPPORTUNITIES to grow.
Whether it’s working the room, following up leads or even going to a social event, we need to tackle these challenges feeling we can do it and risk the fact we may not quite get it right at first. That’s not failure, that’s part of lif’es University of life.
Failure is not trying.
In our training, we can’t give you confidence ( wowI’d be richer than Bill gates if I could!) but we do give you a load of confidence tricks to help you overcome all your fears. When you practise them you can become a great business developer in general and a confident and effective networking in particular.
Thank you Mr Delegate lawyer for your comment!

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