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How important is your relationship with your suppliers?

Everyone is obsessed about the relationship with clients.
“They pay our wages”
“There’s no business with customers”
“The customer is King”
Heard them all and there are lots more.
But I believe the relationship with one’s suppliers has to be just as important.
I spent yesterday with 4 of of my key suppliers.
My solicitor Andrew Zatman of Zatman & Co
My business consultant Graham Hudson of Exceptional Business Results
My web site designer Brian Portlock of Gembiz
My search engine optimiser expert Michael Jones of Your Visibility

4 nice people to do business with. We had fruitful meeetings and they helped me dramatically achieve a number of issues which we are tackling at the moment. I am an expert in my field, they are experts in theirs. I hope the value I give my clients matches the value I will be getting from them in the next few weeks.
Treat your suppliers with the same respect you treat your clients and you will get a great retun from the money you pay them.

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