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Hey don’t tell anyone.Do you want to share in my share of £30,000,000?

Do you think this is a scam or should I go for it?

Dear Partner,

I wish to request for your partnership and assistance in transaction of £30,000,000.00 GBP that would be of immense benefit to both of us.

I am the Auditor General and Chairman, Audit Committee of Bank of Scotland, London.
My purpose of contacting you is to seek your acting as the beneficiary of the will, and lay claim the legacy of (£30,000,000.00) million pounds sterling, which my unfortunate customer, John Hughes bequeathed to his next-of-kin but unfortunately died in a car accident along with this family and his next-of-kin. After a thorough investigation I discovered that John Hughes s has no other beneficiary to claim the fund.

The fund will be shared between us after the confirmation of the fund in your account and I would like to take a part of my share and invest in any lucrative business in your country with your assistance. All I have to do is amend all file to make you the beneficiary to the (£30,000,000.00) million pounds sterling legacy though you might consider this amount very huge for you to defend, It does not matter, as there are some legal documents to back it up.

I therefore appeal to you not to obsolete this request to anybody, even if you decline my request. Until I am sure of your consent and full cooperation. I would prefer that we maintain all correspondence by email and phone call.

I look forward to your earliest reply to this email: for more details or call on my private mobile +44 704 572 3648 for further discussion on this.

At this point I want to assure you that your true consent, full cooperation and confidentiality are all that are required for us to take full advantage of this opportunity.

I look forward to hear from you soon.

Yours truly,
Mr David Wood.

I get so many of these , surely someone must take it up…or do the Mr Wood’s of this world just like sending letters?

PS I wonder how Mr Wood knew it was my birthday?

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