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Get your hunting / farming balance activity right

I recently heard a top motivational speaker , Denis Waitely being interviewed. His website say
Denis Waitley is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers and productivity consultants in the world today.
His clients and audiences include Fortune 500 top executives and multi-national corporations; small business owners and entrepreneurs; Superbowl and Olympic champions; astronauts and U. S. Armed Forces; world leaders and foreign governments; Educators and youth groups.

He must be good.I picked up one particluar piece which will help my business this year. When asked by the interviewer, my friend Peter Thomson, what he might have done differntly after looking back at his illustious career he said, and I paraphrase,”I would have spent more time with existing clients and not kept simply looking form the next new contact. I feel I could have offered the existing ones far more value had I gone down that road.”
One are for improvement in our business this year is to revisit all the clients we have worked with since starting to offer new and imrpoved services to HELP THEM GAIN more clients and business.
Business development is about adding value to your clients not just pushing services and products. Every time we do some work with our clients, if they don’t gain more value than the fee we charge- I’d rather not take the fee1 And I mean that.
so reassess.
More farming,

less hunting.

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