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Get involved. After all Woody Allen said

“80% of success is just turning up”

Yesterday I ran a full day’s workshop in Birmingham and arrived back into Manchester tired at the end of a successful day.

I then had a choice. Do I go home or go the Professional Speakers meeting? Head said, ‘go home’ , heart said,’ you’re on the committee, you know you always enjoy it as everyone is so welcoming, so go’.

Heart won. I had a great time and picked up one gem from Steven Brewer of Train 2 who said ‘From self-talk you create your self-image which in turn creates behavioural patterns’
so relevant for walking into that room full of strangers.

I am on the Pro-Manchester committe and attended a meeting today. I met Phil who I’ve known for a while. We have never really talked much other about committee matters but as we walked out he showed some interest in what we do. Who knows what might follow but we have moved a little closer to building a business relationship.


“If you don’t go you’ll never know”


Sue Tonks my associate has produced an advanced training course which we will be running from the Summer. Really excited about this. She is a far more experinced trainer than me ..hence I asked her for help.
Get involved but ask others along.

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