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For £25 you could be on TV or the radio or quoted in the news

Never before has it been so important for leaders to ensure that their organisation has the right profile.

Presschoice is the most cost effective way of raising the profile of your organisation and its key members. It enables journalists to find out what you do, who to contact and the profile and biographies of your key experts and spokespeople.

In the incredibly fast moving world of the modern media, the reputation of organisations can be dependant on how they respond to fast breaking news. Journalists tend to turn to those who they can contact quickly and easily. But finding the right person in an organisation to comment on a report, can take too long. As a result, the report often goes ahead without the chance of many to comment on them or help shape the way they are reported in the local and national media. Too often people and organisations aren’t given a chance to comment on stories which concern them.

Presschoice enables you to tell the media how they should contact you, directing journalists to exactly the place in your organisation which is best able to handle their calls.

But more than that, it also enables you to promote your organisation as an expert in any number of fields you choose. That’s because when listing on the database, you can choose a number of subjects which you wish to comment on. Anyone looking for experts in those areas, will be given the contact details you provided.

Creating the right kind of public relations is one of the most important ways of promoting your organisation and its key members of staff. It moulds people’s perceptions, which can be vital in ensuring the long term future and success of any university, business or other group.

Presschoice is the best and most cost effective way of promoting and controlling your organisation’s profile.

It only costs £25 to list on the site for a whole year.
To sign up visit For those wanting to list groups of people, please email or call 020 7691 9965

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