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First impressions…don’t always count.

I arrived all hot and bothered today at a client’s premises. The taxi had arrived late, the sun was hot even before 9 am and when I saw the room I was to do the training…well, I just wanted to turn around and go home.
We were to work in what I can best describe as a ‘posh cellar’! The sun was streaming in, no aircon…what a disastrous start!

But I did receive a warm welcome from Head of HR and what a wonderful day I then had. The sun rose (as it normally does), we kept the door open meaning the temperature was just right and then we laughed. Did we laugh? What a great and appreciative audience. Architects who are like all other professionals; great at their area of expertise but well outside their comfort zone when it came to business development in general and networking in particular.
I hope they turn their new-found knowledge into new skills by practising what was taught today.

1 thought on “First impressions…don’t always count.”

  1. First impressions aren’t always right. When I first met you Will I thought ‘what a great guy!’ Just kidding. In your case my first impression was indeed correct and I appreciate the information you’re sharing with others. I’m reminded of the quote by Zig Ziglar, ‘You can have everything in life you want, just as long as you help enough other people get what they want’

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