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This is an acronym standing for Flipping heck, I’m good. Just ask me. I heard it said it was a nickname given by the Aussie cricket team to one of the England cricketers who they thought was rather big-headed!

This could equally be applied to the vast majority of professional people who feel too proud to market themselves. It shows up in their thinking:

– If I’m great, people will finally discover me

– I’m lowering myself by self-promotion

– Promotion is boasting and I’m not a boaster

– People will think I’m like a used car salesperson

– I don’t want to embarrass myself

– I don’t want to put myself out there and be rejected

– People already know what I do, so why push it?

How naïve, how 20th century, how narrow-minded!

In today’s competitive world we all have no choice but to be visible and market ourselves in an appropriate manner.

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