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Fear is temporary; regret is permanent – 10 possible networking regrets. (part 3)

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Fear is temporary; regret is permanent- 10 possible networking regrets.

It is said when we indulge in quiet reflection we more often regret actions we haven’t taken opposed to things we have done. When it comes to networking there are certain moments when perhaps you and I should have taken that extra step but didn’t. Here are some thoughts to ensure the next time you pull out …you don’t!

Bear this in mind the next time you don’t

  1. Approach someone standing alone
  2. Approach an ‘open’ group to meet more people
  3. Move on when the conversation is over
  4. Move on from a group where you have no interest
  5. Ask probing and intelligent
  6. Ask about the relationship with their existing advisors
  7. Ask for their card to  follow up
  8. Ask permission to call them after an event
  9. Make that first follow up call

10. Make that 2nd and 3rd follow up call

Don’t think of sales or selling when doing your business development. Think, when you have knowledge, experience and expertise which adds to a prospect’s business it is your duty to develop their business by matching their needs with your offerings

Regret 3 Not moving on when the conversation is over

Once the conversation is over don’t waste your time, move on. Many people’s fears are they think they are being rude and don’t like to just leave the person on their own. Well here is a solution. Offer to take them with you. Suggest a drink or an invitation to someone you know perhaps. If they don’t come – fine but you have been polite. The key is to move from the place you have been standing. If they do start to follow you around then here is your way out “Why don’t WE go and meet some others?” Look for an open-formatted group; go and join …then eventually move on! Remember when the conversation dries up both of you realise that so they will more often than not want to leave you like you want to leave them. And if they ‘dump’ you, fine off you go and meet someone else.

Next week we’ll look at Regret 4: Not leaving a group where you have no interest.

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