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Fear is temporary!

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Bear this in mind the next time you don’t

1 Approach someone on their own and ask an ice-breaker

2 Approach an ‘open’ group to meet more than one

3 Move on from a group where you have no interest

4 Ask that next probing question to see if your services might match their needs

5 Ask about the relationship with their existing advisors

6 Ask for their card, the root of the follow up

7 Ask permission to call them after an event

8 Make that first follow up call

9 Make that 2nd and 3rd follow up call

10 Send that email or text to follow up

Don’t think of sales or selling when doing your business development. Think, when you have knowledge, experience and expertise which adds to a prospect’s business it is your duty to develop their business by matching their needs with your offerings

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