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Familiarity Breeds Comfort

When you see something with which you are familiar, our brain analyses the information it receives through our eyes and recognises it from previous memory. If you aren’t acquainted with the image or sound our senses say; ‘I don’t understand, I’m nervous, I’m out of control’. We have to create a new reference in our memory bank so eventually we feel comfortable and in control. In unfamiliar situations we have to evaluate what is going on around us then make decisions based on a variety of factors such as our beliefs, habits and past experiences.

Attending Business Events

When we attend business events I have found most people walk in with their beliefs in a total negative state.

“No-one will talk to me”

“Where do I start?”

“I’m too young/too inexperienced / too junior to be able to add anything to conversation”

Successful and experienced people also have the same fears, doubts and concerns; the difference is the way they deal with the situation. Believe me I have researched literally thousands of people and, yes, they do feel the same. Some fake it but it is natural to be nervous in any new and unfamiliar situation!!

1 thought on “Familiarity Breeds Comfort”

  1. Will,

    as always sound advice – but do you think novelty also works for you?

    We want what we can't have as well – can you work things both ways?


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