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Everyday is an opportunity to learn

March 28
If you don’t achieve something or learn something every day what’s the point getting out of bed.
What have I learnt to day?
1 Networking is about giving first.
Two years ago Mark Clough asked me to speak for free at his company. The idea being I might get paid work later. This din’t happen and Mark then left.
He called me up today reminding me I’d helped him out then and offered me a piece of work which could lead to lots more
2 Getting new colleagues via networking is the best and safest way.
Bev joins us next month. Her sister who knew Kintish saw an ad. on our website- mentioned it to Bev. Bev called and…..
3 There are some real genuine people in this world. Simon Wharton of PushON Digital Marketing came round, gave me 2 valuable hours about promoting my website and then we had a fight! I wanted to pay and he refused!!
The feeling you have driving home feel self-satisfied is worth asll the pain ans sweat

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