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“Do you REALLY know why you go networking?”

If sometimes you’re not quite sure…read on

Of course the simple answer is ‘to get more business’ Correct, but sometimes easier said than done. A major part of the process is spotting the ‘ahaa’ moment. The ahaa moment is when you ask pertinent and searching questions then the other person says something which makes your heart pound a little faster and you mentally think “Ahaa this could be a potential business opportunity”.

What does an ahaa sound like ?

It comes in my guises sometimes they are not that obvious. Here are some phrases you may hear which indicates immediate action.

Yes our present advisors are brilliant but…

  • We have a problem with…’
  • We’re struggling with….
  • They’re okay
  • They don’t look after us like they used to
  • They’re fine but our present contact is leaving/ retiring
  • They’re rubbish
  • We don’t feel with getting the right advice
  • We didn’t know that
  • We need to learn more about that
  • We’re  thinking of….
  • Oh no not  another accountant/ lawyer.
  • That’s interesting tell me more
  • We’ve never heard of that
  • We don’t understand what we get for our money
  • We rarely hear from them
  • They’re  not very proactive
  • They never told us that
  • We pay far too much
  • Our biggest issue is….


If you think it is a person / business you wish to work with and you or colleagues have the appropriate knowledge, expertise and experience to help then it’s time to start the follow up process. But it’s time NOT TO SELL. When you hear one of the above just keep asking more gentle questions. Don’t compare your business to their existing providers and of course don’t even suggest criticism. Keep the whole focus on them and their issues then ask the question…the most important question in the whole conversation.

“ You know you said ….the ahaa comment… well how do you feel/ would you mind if I call you in the next day or so I can hear more about your company/ the issue and if you think relevant then meet up?”

Why do you really go networking?

To meet the prospect. Here’s the process:

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