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Definition of perseverence according to Will Smith aka Hitch

In the 2005 film Hitch the main charachter was a ‘date doctor’. Hitch shows men how to attract women ( who they really really like).
The best line in the film for me was “The definition of perseverence is following a course of action in spite of discouragement, opposition or previous failures.”

This applies to everything in life and not more so than when it comes to following up opportunities after attending business events. Most people have this dilemma:

When you follow up in a professional manner by asking prospects for their permission to follow up or open an escape route by saying “If you’d rather I didn’t call pleasetell me ” then there is no need to worry about being too pushy.
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1 thought on “Definition of perseverence according to Will Smith aka Hitch”

  1. Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow. One thing to be is introspective. If you are being rejected regularly, try and find out why.

    Often, I find networking hard work. Getting assailed by the salesperson who wants to walk out with the sale or an appointment the next day is tiring.

    I prefer networking events where everything is prepared in advance. You have a list of attendees. Everyone’s wearing a badge – preferably with big letters with the name and company name.

    I like to meet the people who are more likely to need us. But not to pitch them or force myself upon them.

    Breaking the ice is useful.

    Just came across your site. Fran Bech suggested I look you up. Great blog!

    She said we should speak and then I forgot about it. But someone mentioned your name again yesterday, so twice in a fortnight forced me to remember.

    When you’re next in Liverpool or I’m next in Manchester, may be worth a coffee?

    I’m involved in the launch of a business card scanning service and Fran suggested we’d have some common ground.

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