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Business cards are, well sort of, important!

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In our training we say the most important aspect of business cards is not you spraying yours to all and sundry but, when you spot an opportunity,to ask for the other persons.That card should be the gateway to the follow up
I was talking with my friend Mark Greenwood of Simply Networking who had been viewing some of his members’ cards after an event.
Although he agreed about my views on cards I had to agree with him when he said it says alot about a person’s business when
1 They come from a free source and look and feel like paper
2 They only have a mobile phone number
3 There is no postal address
4 There does not appear to be a website

The only tangible you leave after saying goodbye is that small piece of card. What do you want people to think of you as they empty their pockets, wallets and handbags?

1 thought on “Business cards are, well sort of, important!”

  1. I can’t agree with you more, when you give someone your business card it should have vital information on how contact you.

    What i don’t agree with is the free source part, i ordered mine from DCP Print and it looks very professional! even though they were free

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