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#Blog If you are in or joining a networking club… Part 2

If you are in or joining a networking club…

…you may find these tips useful.

Your presentation to your fellow guests -7 thoughts

1. Less is more. In today’s world we all have short attention spans. Don’t bore your colleagues. Networking is word-of-mouth marketing. Marketing needs to be interesting exciting and benefit based.

2. Don’t tell people how big, how well-established, how old, how…. your company is. It’s generally irrelevant. Your 2 minutes is to get people to buy into you. We all know people buy people before buying the service or the company

3. Don’t use jargon or your industry’s gobbledygook. Showing off won’t make you any friends

4. “What do you do?” answer this in a clear, interesting and precise way. People really want to know what you can do for them. What I am a presenter, what I do is help those people who find networking a challenge and show them just how easy it is.

5. Tell stories and anecdotes about benefits you provide. People like that and will remember you more easily.

6. Give away valuable and useful information if you are in ‘advice businesses’. The more you tell, the more you sell.

7. If you can explain what you do in 30 seconds fine. Use the other 90 seconds to tell people something personal about yourself, your family, your interests your holidays. Doing that is a great way to build a new or reinforce relationships….the reason we’re here today!


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