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Are you abnormal?

If you DON’T feel like this you are either lying ( to yourself!) or you are abnormal. We have asked 10’s of thousands how they feel and 99.246% feel like Brian in the picture. To help you feel better you need to prepare not just physically but mentally too.


1. I am about to give up 3 precious hours, unpaid, so I going to get the most out of it

2. I will enjoy this event and have some real fun

3. This room will be familiar. I will see people on their own, open 2 ‘s and 3’s. They will be welcoming. Beware of the closed 2’s 3’s and 4+ groups.

4. I plan to talk to 3 new people and gain 3 new pieces of information or gossip

5. I will work hard at introducing myself to the person/ people I’m targeting

6. Get myself in the right state. …AND NOT “A RIGHT STATE”

7. Everyone here wants to network. They want to meet me just as much as I want to meet them. The chances of rejection are tiny

8. I’m a decent and likeable person; believe in myself and in my area I have much knowledge and expertise.

9. There will be the odd rude person here…let’s just get away from them as soon as possible

10. It might happen, but very very occasionally I might get rejected. These people aren’t worth giving a second thought to. Let’s focus on the 99.9% of pleasant and welcoming people

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