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Are you a nosey parker? 1 – Ice Breakers.

I hope like me you are beginning to meet people where you’re in the same space. I am having coffees and lunches now and it’s wonderful. Yes, more time travelling and money has to be spent. But for me it’s worth it. What’s your view?

“Are you a nosey parker?”

This briefing goes around the world to my global audience so it’s possible some will never have heard of this phrase. When you are called a ‘nosey parker’ it means someone is saying you are a curious, sometimes inquisitive person.

I had to know the origin of this; this is it. Matthew Parker, who was Archbishop of Canterbury (1559-75), had rather a reputation for prying into the affairs of others. He therefore acquired the nickname ‘Nosey Parker’.

Are you a ‘nosey parker’? I hope so because unless you are curious, you’re not going to be an effective networker.

When you don’t ask enough questions people might think

  • You only want to talk about yourself.
  • You don’t really care to hear what others have to say
  • You are overconfident thinking you won’t learn anything

Take note of one of the timeless quotes from Dale Carnegie

The most interesting people we meet are those most interested in us.

When you leave a 1-2-1 or group meeting hoping the other person(s) thinks well of you, ask intelligent and insightful questions. If you think it might be a little intrusive ask permission to ask before you ask! Or warn them you are about to ask them a sensitive question. Remember if they don’t want to answer nothing is lost.

12 Key questions to ask and why you ask them.

Ice breakers

Don’t start with business-related questions, they can come later. Ask something relevant to them where you know you have something in common (or ask a positive question).

1.Where have you travelled from today?
2.What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?
3.What made you attend this event?

In the next Blog I move onto ‘Business Questions’.

Have a successful few week ahead.

Will Kintish

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