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“And the car repair man is part of the team.”

Giles Long, the Paralympics double gold medal swimmer said this in his talk recently. See below. He was explaining without his parents, his coach, the man who kept the pool clean, the physio and even the man who kept his car on the road, he couldn’t focus on what he had to do – win medals at swimming events.
I am the luckiest man in the world. I have a great support team around me so I can concentrate on doing what I am expected to do – train and present in networking skills. My team get lots of the work, organise my travel, the finances, ensure the client has everything ready for when I turn up In fact everything is done for me . My old coach Chris barrow used to say “Frank Sinatra never moved pianos.” That’s me; I just turn up and do it.
So many times when I ask people what they do, they say “Oh I’m just a ….” Even if I don’t know them I scold them for using the word ‘just’. They are part of the team and as long as they do the job they are very important.
Here’s my team…I can’t manage without them

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