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Alarm clocks and trainers

Peter Thomson sent this in his weekly newsletter

This message is based on a true story I heard at dinner, at a friend’s house, last Friday evening:

And the boy, about 12 twelve years old, turned to his father and asked:

“Dad, can I get some new trainers?”

His dad replied: “Yes, of course son”

A couple of weeks went by and the trainers hadn’t appeared.

The son asked again.

“Dad, you did say I could get some new trainers – can I get them please?”

The dad again replied: “Yes, of course son”

Just one week later when the boy came home from school – there on the kitchen table was a box with his name on it.

Oh YES! He thought – my new trainers – mind you the box looks just a little small for trainers.

He opened it – and inside found…

An alarm clock!

And a note from his father:

Here’s how you can get your trainers. The local newsagent needs a paper delivery boy and I’ve told him you want the job.

The clock will make sure you’re there on time – and in just a few weeks – you can get your trainers – love Dad xxxx

Are there thoughts to be thought about this true story?

I think so – here are mine:

1. Are there times in my life, when in reflection, I wish I’d given the clock rather than the trainers? Yes!

2. Are there times when I wish I’d received the clock rather than the trainers? Yes!

3. How many people can I share this story with?

Oh by the way…
The young man in the story is now in his late twenties and massively successful running his own business – and in life.

Do you and I think that the clock may have had just something to do with his success?

I would have thought so – wouldn’t you?

You will share this story with people won’t you?

Go on then…

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