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7 important guidelines when you join networking clubs

1 Turn up! People forget you when you’re not there.
2 Have a giving mentality. Work hard for your fellow members. Networking is about WIIFY (What’s in it for you) rather than WIIFM (What’s in it for me).
3 Get there early and try and ‘loiter’afterwards. At the formal networking part of the meetings you can’t really build relationships or talk serious business.
4 “What do you do?” answer this in a clear, interesting and price way. peopl really want to know what you can do for them. What I am is a presenter, what I do is help people who find networking a challenge, just how easy it is.
5 Meet on a one -to-one basis at either your or their business premises. In fact over the period of, say 12 months, aim to have a ‘home’ and ‘away’ fixture.
6 When you spot an opportunity to introduce Jack to Jill, make it easy for them by calling Jill to ask Jack they will see Jill. Explain why you think the meeting would be good for both sides.
7 When you are given a lead , always always follow up. Whether anything comes of it or not always say thank you in the appropriate manner

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