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45 golden rules to working a room…part 3

11. Say “I help people to become more successful” if you are a banker rather than “I am a banker” when asked.  Consider the difference in impact on your listener.

12. Prepare subjects to ask about in case you are stuck for things to say.  Ask the other party about their job, holidays, family, their views on sporting events or current affairs. 
13. Remember constantly “givers gain”.  The more you give the more you will get back in return.  Create an “abundance” reputation rather than a “scarcity” reputation.
14. Be first to offer your hand and shake hands firmly.  A limp handshake tells you a lot about the person.
15. Contact with the eyes is the most powerful form of body language.  Not looking someone in the eye on that first meeting creates the wrong impression from the start.
16Make the first move.  Greet everyone with a smile and a friendly hello.  Approach people standing alone.  This will be less daunting and they will welcome a friendly face.
17. Talk in terms of other peoples’ interests.  Find out as much as possible about them, it is the easiest way, as people love to talk about themselves.

18 .  Listen attentively first.  People will tell you lots of useful information that can be used to your advantage. This also establishes a rapport.  Talk about yourself second
19. Stay within limits if there is a free bar.  Drunk and disorderly behaviour can rarely be good for business!

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