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45 golden rules to working a room…part 2!

29  Obtain other peoples’ cards always.  That is the only way you will remember who you met.  Record where and when you met those cardholders as soon as possible after the function.  Write down something of interest to remind you why you took their card.
30  Grade the cards 1,2, 3 with 1 signifying “this person could be very useful to me” to 3 “I’ll probably not get in touch”
31  Keep all cards you ever receive and file them.  You never know when they just may be useful.  They will only be useful however if you follow guides 29 and 30.
32  Write down on their card the day you will call so that the other party knows you are serious about the follow up.
33  Read the card carefully and thoroughly when you are handed it.  This shows great courtesy and interest.  Information on the card should also provide you with further questions to ask the person about their business.
34  Give your card to someone even if you are not asked for it.  It will serve as a memory jogger when pockets are emptied.
35  Have personal business cards if you are seeking a new job or career.  Don’t use old cards.
36  Wear your badge on your right.  As you shake hands, the other person’s eyes will naturally follow down the line of the arms and automatically see your name.
37  Keep moving!  You are there for work and to connect with as many contacts and prospects as possible, within reason.
38  Excuse yourself by going for a drink, outside for a breath of fresh air or, introduce someone else to a person when you wish to extricate yourself.
39  Ask to contact the interesting person(s) after the event and suggest a day when it may be convenient to call and make sure you do so on the agreed day.
40  Request a list of participants if it is practical and will not cause embarrassment.  This will jog your memory in case there were people there whose cards you did not receive.
41  Thank your host before leaving and then again in a letter or e-mail to show your appreciation.  Good basic manners are great for business. 
42  Ask for what you want when you meet the person who can help you.  If you do not ask you will never know if your request would have been successful.
43  Restrict the time you spend with one person or on one subject.  If you are believe you are establishing a rapport arrange to meet again after the initial meeting.
44  Stand sideways on so that you are able to see what is happening around you and you can introduce others to the person to whom you are presently talking.
45  Approach groups of three or more, it is easier to break in and they will welcome new faces and new contacts.

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