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45 golden rules to working a room

Did you know there are 45 golden rules to working a room? Here are just a few:

20 .   Spend some time with people you do know.  Ignoring people is impolite and they may be able to introduce you to someone new.
21.    Ask to be introduced by someone you know to someone you don’t know. 
22.  Ask open ended questions to get the other person talking.  Ask questions that beginning with Why? How? When? Which? What?
23.  Ask others to repeat their name if you did not hear it first time.  Everyone likes to be called by his or her name – it shows you are interested. 
24.  Repeat the name after the introductions and try to picture something associated with their name to help you remember it.
25.  Introduce yourself slowly and clearly ensuring that the person has every chance of hearing your name.  They will often be embarrassed to ask if they did not hear it the first time and it is vital that they know who you are.
26.  Listen to who they are and what they need.  Be a resource by offering help.  “I know where you can get that” can only be good for your business in the long run. 
27.  Develop a 30 second introduction that clearly states the benefit for the person you are meeting.  Practise this introduction so that you can say it in your sleep. 
28.  Think how you can introduce relevant people to each other.  You will be doing both of them a big favour and it can only be good for you.

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