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Are you into Property?

The sort of property I refer to is bricks and mortar, you know they have foundations, walls, roofs etc?

Well, I’m not. I’m into something far more exciting .
What is intellectual property?
I quote from the UK’s Government Patent office
“Intellectual property, often known as IP, allows people to own their creativity and innovation in the same way that they can own physical property. The owner of IP can control and be rewarded for its use, and this encourages further innovation and creativity to the benefit of us all.”

When you know something about anything and you don’t copy the information verbatim ( that’s stealing) you can create your own IP

What do I know about?
I know as much as anyone about effective networking, that’s my IP. I have been studying the topic for 5 years now, read every book and been on every seminar. I then mixed all the information together as a cocktail and , hey presto, I have my own IP.
Whilst I spend most of my time training or presenting on the topic there are so many other ways to get your IP out there and then bought by others to help them develop their business.

March 28 2006
Today I was in my son Michael Kintish’s recording studio producing my audio book.
We have the book , the tips booklet, the DVD, the audio CD’s
The plan is for as many people as possible to learn effective networking in the most appropriate way for them…and I can stay at home with my ganddaughter earning some money
If you are a trainer, coach or consultant WHAT IP DO YOU HAVE which you can share with others?

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