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10 Simple Steps to Developing Communication Confidence

Step One – State Management

Every successful man and woman deals effectively with the constant pressure and demands of modern life. You need to learn to do the same. If you don’t you will fail to communicate at your best when it is most important that you do so.

Think of people who have charisma…Maybe your favourite actor or even someone in your office. Do they exude stress and worry? Of course not! They have charisma partly because they feel relaxed and in charge of their circumstances. Make a point of managing your attitude and your emotions. Your ability to express yourself in a charming way will soar.

Step 2 – Congruence

A second key factor in expressing yourself clearly when making conversation is the ability to have congruence in all that you do. What do I mean by congruence?

I mean that who you are, what you do and how you communicate must all be in alignment. Charismatic people intuitively know this. For example if high standards are important to you apply this principle to all your tasks, even to those you don’t want to do. Little by little you will become more congruent in your work as well as in your home life.

 Step 3 – High Self Esteem and that Charismatic Glow

I have never known a charismatic person who did not feel good about himself and the role he performed in life. People who approve of themselves and who have high self-esteem take good care of themselves and the needs of the people in their environment. They actively encourage people to pay attention when they speak. How? Simply by the way they exude positive feelings about themselves and others.

Before long you will dominate the afternoon meetings because you will be bouncing with energy while everyone else is struggling to stay awake!

Step 4 – Energize Yourself

Confident communication and energy feed off each other. It takes energy to have an impact on other people and it takes energy to be charismatic. And when you exude charm and confidence you unleash the energy in those who are listening to you. They feel charged up and ready to take action because of the effect your words have on them.

Step 5 – The Flexibility to Succeed

The leader that exudes confidence does so because she is flexible in how she communicates. She understands that different people respond differently to the same words and that it is imperative that she understands this and adapts her approach to suit who she is talking to. One size does not fit all! Some people like to hear the message quickly while some need it explained slowly. Others want the big picture only but their colleagues get confused unless they get all the details up front. One of the most successful people I know is a master of communication flexibility.

How does he do it? The secret is to be a great observer! Watch and listen very carefully to other people when they speak to you. They will invariably talk in the way they like to be spoken to.

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